Sometimes I make cool things.

Feel free to browse my current and past projects.


Student Honors Council is the student-governing body of the Ball State University Honors College. I overhauled this website in 2017 to provide a place where anyone could go for information about the organization. I build a hub for members to submit forms, look for service opportunities, and check their membership status.


The Mid-East Honors Association serves to represent honors programs throughout the mid-east region of the United States. I revamped this website in 2018 to centralize conference registration and the presentation proposal process. I also worked to improve the design of the site so that site visitors could better navigate the interface in the most user-friendly way possible.


Beneficence Family Scholars serves the Muncie, Indiana community to overcome the cycle of poverty by empowering families to achieve long-term growth and stability through education and comprehensive support. I built this site in winter 2019 with the help of the initial nonprofit development team to give the organization an online presence and place to host online resources for families and the community. 


I designed Eat. as a quick solution to a common problem faced by individuals who dined at Ball State University over the summer–no one knew when dining facilities were open. Just using technology to solve a common problem in the community.